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Our motivation for excellence stems from promoting healthy living to achieve Better Immunity for a Longer Life. Healthy living is easy with our wide range of products to suit every need – whether it is to improve internal health, physical beauty or to obtain overall well-being. See more details

Young, Energetic, Professional

Building a team based on youthful creativity and energy is important to us. This energy propels us to continuously improve our products and services, in order to bring our clients the best of the industry. Our offerings are now available in Canada, USA, Europe, Middle East, Hong Kong, China, Korea, Vietnam and Malaysia. Whenever you have a request, our team will always be ready to serve you. See more details

World Class Services

Our experience in creating custom formulas for dietary supplements and skincare products include a wide range of services in nutrition, manufacturing, and sales and marketing. We produce high quality products and our teams work with you throughout the entire process from formulation to market presence. To service all our customers from around the world, we are dedicated to responding to our customers’ requests quickly and efficiently. After a See more details

Proud to be Canadian

Bill Beauty & Health Products Ltd. is Canada’s popular supplier of herbal supplements and skincare products. Customers choose us for our innovative formulas and personal service. Our lab and manufacturer is located in Toronto, Ontario. Bill Beauty is a certified pharmaceutical GMP company and is audited by Health Canada regularly. In line with the Canadian spirit of using the highest quality of ingredients, Bill Beauty sources from count See more details
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Healthy Living, Made Easy!

4. Weight loss = healthy diet and moving around

Getting up, moving around, and exercising will reduce the amount of food that you will need to cut back on. There are obviously many opportunities to be athletic and active (i.e. sports teams, the gym, going for a jog, etc.) if that interests yo...


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A popular natural supplement that helps to resist signs of aging. It is often referred to as the fountain of youth by many celebrities. Collagen works on strengthening elastins and maintaining collagen under the skin. It also replenishes essential proteins for healthy skin, maintins healthy joints, hair and ...

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